Tools Up!

Tools Up!

Tools Up!

Gather your friends in this intensely fun local couch co-op game about home renovation and work your way to the top of a skyscraper in need of some work.

The owners of various apartments have left their homes in your hands.

All they’ve given you is a blueprint of how their place should look.

Cooperate with your friends to complete the task or make a mess trying!

Tools Up!

is a local multiplayer game for up to four players.

Work together against the clock and host a wild renovation party!

Key Features: Work hard – paint walls, lay tiles and throw everything you need to other rooms.

Play better together – join up to three players to move couches against the clock.

Expect the unexpected – environmental elements spice up things.

Have you ever renovated a building surrounded by lava?

Lead the team – whoever holds the blueprint is in charge of the camera angle.

Join in the fun – simple controls and a low entry level make Tools Up!

a perfect party game for everyone.

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