Sword of Shushan

Sword of Shushan

Sword of Shushan

“Sword of Shushan” is a strategic war chess game with the background of Shushan holy land and ancient demon wars.

The player will play the role of Han Yunchuan, a disciple of Shushan, who will call on the friars of Wufeng and the elite of Taihao royal family to fight against the ancient demons.

Changing TerrainEach level has different terrain.

Use the movement of your teammates to attract the enemy, let the enemy fall into your trap, or fight directly with your enemy, and then combine the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth of both sides to attack and defend more effectively, so as to achieve a complete victory.

Teammates with different abilitiesThere are more than ten controllable teammates.

Dozens of skills are used together, and hundreds of equipment have different effects.

According to the enemy’s formation and level target, you can develop a variety of different tactics to give full play to each powerful teammate and help you win.

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